Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Very Cool Christmas...

This Christmas was marked by an abundance of good food, good coffee, and good times with family and friends in what felt like a short-but-sweet trip home. We explored new trails, read old letters from high school boyfriends, and played lots of fetch. It was the most relaxing holiday season I can remember, and I'm so grateful for that time of rest and just getting to hang out with my family. 

Native fauna - some of whom are more cooperative models than others

We checked out the Cronan Ranch Trails Park, which is just down the highway. With time, age, and distance, I'm better able to appreciate the beauty of the foothills, and this park is a great way to do it.

And continuing that theme: what a surprise to find out that The River is now a state park: Auburn State Recreation Area!

And finally, a fire pit for a very cool night - with some extra magic thrown in. A perfect last evening!

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