Sunday, January 3, 2016

...and a Happy New Year!

My New Year's Eve celebrations over the last decade have ranged from greeting midnight surrounded by thousands of people singing at a conference to falling asleep at 11pm, waking up at 12:30 to mumble "Happy New Year," and promptly going back to bed (that was last year). On December 29th of this year, we decided to host a low-key fire pit + snacks + games NYE shindig, and ended up having a great time with a fabulous group of people. I was so busy laughing, sipping mulled cider-wine, and happily freezing around the midnight fire pit that I failed to take pictures of that lovely evening. 

The festivities continued to the next day, when we were joined by good friends for what was our second annual New Year's Day Forest Park Hike (this year, Ridge Trail). It was still chilly (see frozen waterfall below), but the sun was out, and we Oregonians - from California, Michigan, Kentucky, Spain, and yes, Oregon - couldn't have been happier after the deluge of the last month. 

Yes, that says "Vegan Gnomes" - I didn't spot any on the trail, but they are notoriously skittish.

About five seconds after this picture was taken, Chris put his foot through the ice while conducting a science experiment (the experiment being, what will happen if I put my foot on this ice?).

All of our favorite mountains were out in full view, right behind our favorite Portland Bridge. Couldn't ask for a better way to welcome 2016!

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